Our subsidiaries

Espace Maison 

The group has five stores Espace Maison at Tamarin, Trianon, Forbach, Flacq and Gros Cailloux.

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Gros Cailloux

In 2004, the Group acquired La Compagnie de Gros Cailloux Ltée, situated at Petite Rivière. The company’s main activities are sugarcane growing and a nursery on a total land area of 435 hectares.

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Dry Mixed Products Ltd

In March 2010, the company increases its shareholding in Dry-Mixed Products Ltd from 20% to 51%, a company whose activity consists of the manufacturing and sales of ready-to-use dry mortar.

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New products

Block 20.15

The new concrete Block 20.15 is the latest innovative product of UBP, a block that will satisfy the masons and builders. This concrete block owes its name mainly for its dimensions and enables to remove the formwork as well as facilitates the laying of concrete blocks.

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The new Ecoblock made with polystyrene material provides a better thermal and acoustic insulation of your home. By offering a more pleasant, heat and sound proof environment, UBP innovates each day for your comfort.

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Light Block

Committed and always innovating, UBP is proud to announce the launch of its new product the Light Block.

Resistant, light with an excellent value for money, the Light Block is available as from now on all our sales sites.

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U block and the Corner block

The U Block and the Corner Block

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UBP Info : Les nouveaux défis de l'entreprise

Click on the link below to view our UBP in-house magazine.

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Youtube Channel UBP Group

Click on the link and discover the working environment, the core products and processes as well as the company’s campaigns through the Youtube Channel of the UBP Group.

Youtube Channel

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Projets

UBP is fully committed to playing an active role in society, focusing on education, sport, socio-economic development and the environment.

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